Wood boat painting


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Aug 20, 2003
On the rigger I just painted I sanded with 220 then primer it with rattlecan automotive primer high build sandable.Then let it dry over nite At this point you will see imperfections you can use spot putty to fill it in not to thick let it dry over nite sand with 400 then prime again then sand .I used single stage ureathane paint spray a tack cote let it sit for a few minutes then two full wet cotes.This is with a good spray gun.50 psi

Bill Eilers

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Mar 15, 2022
To much paint. (WEIGHT) HERE is what I've been doing for YEARS. Wood is clean No hand prints ect. Dry!! Sanded w/ 220 wet or dry (used dry) panels horizontal, apply helmsman SPAR!! urethane . Don't use the quick dry. Apply coats wet enough to keep up with the wood absorbing it. Let it sit in A hot room a day or two. If nessary 220 again to fill the grain. Cheep AND DURABLE. But some color coats won't stick. Gota use lacquer or urethane

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