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Send me your mailing address and I'll send the glow plugs to you with an invoice. When you receive the package, send me a check.

Al Hobbs
Hello Hung I was wondering if you still have the 90 sgx twin and if you did could you tell me the dimensions of your front sponsons length width height and how tall the tub is on your boat? I picked a 90Eagle twin up from a club member and trying to figure out what I got also looking for a cowl for the same boat I see you sold one do you have any sources on who makes them?. Thank you for your input. Mark G.
Hi Tyler,

I'll send them to Brian. Do you know his mailing address?

If you are going to the May race in Huntsville you can pay me there.

Hello Al,

Brian's address is 7000 SE Borwick Street. Hillsboro OR 97123.

It's difficult to say if I can make it to the May race. I can easily send you a check for the total. please send me your address and I can put a check in the mail.

Thx, Tyler
Al Hobbs
Al Hobbs
2402 Old US Highway 91
Cascade, MT 59421