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Dont want to post too much, someone would make a stupid comment,and I would have to take a drive, get it...
but if you want to see more, utube ford fluffy
Hi, your name and a fella named Tom Hindly came up as someone who might have the cowling plug/molds and make cowlings for the 80-82 Pak in Gas Scale. I am definitely looking for one. I have the hull completed. Please let me know if this is possible.

Thanks, Mike Cathey 206-240-4463
Hi Walt, Don Maher here. I understand you have the 16” long replacement antennas for Futaba radio. I would like to get 2 of them if possible! Please let me know a total with shipping and I will by check if that is alright, l don’t do pay pal yet!
Hello Ron,
I'm looking for NR12TL/5M, 180 degree manifolds (40242), 21601, 20600, 20661 replacement parts
Let me know if it is available and separate price.
France Delivery.

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Go to website to search available part numbers. Will take a few days to get everything uploaded into inventory.