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Todd Breda

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Aug 31, 2023
Hello all,

I am currently having a wood electric 1/8 scale 1982 Pay N' Pak built for me. He's pretty much doing everything close to RTR but not the painting/decals. He is sealing it before being delivered. My question; is it possible to rattle can (primer/paint mix) it and then seal it with clear and not look like, well, I rattle canned it? I have years of experience rattle canning my RC model jets and warbirds, but I want this to look as good as possible with a smooth, clear coat finish. Any insight, tips, info is greatly appreciated!
I rattle canned the primer use automotive sandable primer I use a paint gun usually after the primer I let the primer dry over nite here’s a few I did if theres pin holes I use some spot putty then primer again I used ureathane two part paint or clear I did the rigger with a pancake compressor and a Mac touch up gun the whiplash I did at home with a 2 stage 80 gallon compressor the rigger I did at the camp site where I only have the small compressor


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Take your time, even Krylon rattle cans can be made to look good used slow and steady. Any regular spray paint needs 6 to 10 days to fully gas and cure, then again, slow and steady, use 2K clear two part rattle can urethane for the decal sealing glass smooth and shiny finish you desire, I have been ordering the 2K clear on Ebay as it is not available locally near me. You do not want 1K clear, half the price and no where near the durable or gloss finish. Expect 20 to 35 bucks a can in 3 lots. After mixing, I can usually get 36 hours use. Perfect for small boats and sponsons plus no gun to clean. Use a mask and ventilation, this is the same stuff I buy in quarts and gallons for normal use and it is nasty stuff.
There are several good companies that will mix custom or OEM paints and then put in a rattle can and they do 2K also with hardener catylist.
I have been using them for over 5 years now. Can't go wrong with name brands...