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Jan 20, 2019
Any ideas on how to remove some paint on the inside of a fiberglass mono without messing up the glass? Yes I know it can be sanded but I want to get out as much as I can but have no idea what kind of paint it is and I was hoping that there was some kind of paint stripper that I could use that won’t hurt the hull.
I would think just any aircraft stripper would work. better with the thicker gel type it hangs on to the sides longer. brush it in let it bubble up and take a pressure washer and blow it all out . I have stripped a few boats with it. even my aluminum 18 foot starcraft stripped it bare before painting it.
I have always used hobby type epoxy paint like Hobbypoxy, Super Poxy (when they were available) and Klass Kote on my boats. My experience with paint stripper is that it will soften polyester and epoxy glass if you let it sit on the part for too long. In fact, I have successfully used paint stripper to undo an epoxy joint much like the CA debonder does to a CA glue joint. So I wet sand the hull if I want to redo the paint. It will be very difficult to completely strip the paint from the inside of the hull. The paint would have filled in the weaves
You might inquire about wet blasting in your area, if you have any local sandblaster shops nearby... they also use crushed walnut shells
under lower pressure for more delicate items.

May be worth a phone call....
If the paint is not "nitro proof", you could try 100% nitro to dissolve it and a small wire brush. But most people would only use an two part epoxy paint on the inside of a boat, so you may be out of luck on that.
I stripped the paint on my PT 8255 using good old regular paint stripper.. worked a charm!

I have stripped and Painted an AC R-42 3 times with an aircraft paint stripper. It will not compromise the gel coat but it can soften the polyester resin at the bottom/ deck joint if you leave it on to long. Just realized that I have also completed the same process with an AC Sport 40 that recently won the 2021 NAMBA Nats. The epoxy primer that I use is not affected by the stripper. It is messy process but effective and save a lot of time and elbow grease.
There are strippers out there that are just for stripping FG. I don't remember what kind I used a long time ago, just that it removed everything without hurting the FG. One other thing I don't remember is if it took off the gelcoat or not. If I get a bit of free time, I'll see if I can find the can and see what it was. One thing I do remember is that I picked it up at an auto body supply shop and that it was a bit spendy

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