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View attachment IMG_5337.movOk a GREAT day 1 at Blue Lake!! The weather was awesome, the water was fast and the crowd was small!

We started off with John Finch/Steve Sutton setting and great gas scale hydro SAW record ( I don’t have the speeds with me right now).

A few of you know that I have built a small N Stock (and Super Stock) hydro…I have no problem telling you that I don’t know anything about FE, but I do know some of the best FE boaters in the US ! With lots of help (that’s not a strong enough word…with lots of DIRECTING!) from Tyler Garrard, Chris Harris and Darin Jordan I have been on a very steep learning curve the last few months!! So I have only run the boat a few times but was able to break the N Stock hydro SAW record just before lunch today and then able to bump it up a few times. My last times were... ave 4.086 (55.06 mph), fast pass 3.906 (57.6 mph). I have a few more things to try tomorrow before I put the Super Stock motor in the boat so maybe I can bump it a little bit more.

This video is not one of my record passes, but it’s all I got on video.

It is always a pleasure to have Buckshot show up to Blue Lake and today was no exception! He brought a couple of awesome boats with him and ended up getting his 90 MPH patch with is twin hydro! Congratulations buddy!

The last fun story for today was best little buddy Jason OBrien get his brand new 90 hydro running!! He has done a fantastic job scratch building this boat from a set of JAE plans! His goal is to go 100 and I’m thinking he’s going to get there with no problem!

Im ready for day 2!!

Having another great day in Valdosta!!! Several records set (well actually a new record is not set until the Record Director checks all the paperwork and approved it)! I don’t have the paperwork in front of me so I’m not going to guess what the records and speeds were…I’ll post that tonight. The one I do know about is the N Super Stock SAW record. This morning I decided to be done with the N Stock record and changed motors to the 13.5 turn super stock motor. The clocks were not working properly (sun in the lens) on the first run I made this afternoon, but it looked faster. We adjusted the clocks a while later and I made 4 passes with all of them in the high 60 mph range! My best ave was 3.285 (68.49 mph) and fastest pass was 3.258 (69.06 mph).

I’ll update more tonight.


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Blue Lake magic!!

We had hours of this kind of water conditions not used today. It did get some ripples during the mid part of the day. The big mono/skiff guys would get all excited when the breeze came up!

I think we only had one record broken today. Just before we left home I built a set of 2 lap oval sponsons and put them on the boat for the first time this morning. I made one quick test run to see how they worked and then went out a short while later and bettered the old record by about 4 seconds. I while later I borrowed a prop from Chris Harris and took another 5 seconds off! My final time today was 33.591. This was with the N Super Stock motor. Tomorrow we may put the N Stock motor back in it and try for that 2 lap record.



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Glad to hear your doing well with the new F.E. Impressive performance & setting records must be satisfying. I hope you & Donna enjoy the fruits of your labor hosting SpeedWeek. And everyone else attending is having a blast going fast! (Except for Beardslee)
Brian Neumann
Wow - could only wish to get water like that as much as this place does. That’s a SAW guys dream. Most of my fastest speeds were on flat calm water when it gets the best hook up. I enjoy your updates Glenn it’s helps with our winter blues hahha
Well the day ended just as it began…beautiful sky over beautiful water!!

No new records today, but some of the best boaters around making some great passes!!

We will be back at it early tomorrow morning!!



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