2023 Atlanta Spring Nationals


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Dec 22, 2003
Quick heads, the 2023 IMPBA Atlanta Spring Nationals will be returning to a (3) day event with race dates of Friday April 21st through Sunday April 23rd. Open water will be all day Thursday April 20th.
Entry will be open Mid-January.
New format will be that specific classes will compete all (3) qualifying rounds and the final Shootout round on the same day.
More details will be posted within a week or two, just wanted to get the word out as soon as possible so folks can start scheduling time off for next year.

See y’all in the ATL!

We will be opening the event up for entries at 10 AM EST on Sunday, January 15th. You will not see the races posted on RCRacingEvents.com until this date and time. Each day of the 3-day event will be treated as a standalone race. That means you will see 3 different races posted on RCRacingEvents.com. One for Friday, one for Saturday, and one for Sunday. Here are the classes being offered each of the 3 days:

Friday, April 21st
Super Sport Mono
P Limited Sport Hydro
LSG 23-30 Cat
D Hydro
LSG 23-30 Tunnel
F Mono
P Limited Mono
Sport 40

Saturday, April 22nd
B Hydro
Q Mono
LSG 23-30 Mono
P Mono
F Hydro
Open Tunnel
E Hydro
LSG 23-30 Rigger

Sunday, April 23rd
P Limited Rigger
LSG 23-30 Sport Hydro
Classic Thunderboat
Nitro Twin Rigger
LSG Twin Rigger
P Limited Offshore
60 Scale
Open Offshore
Twin Nitro v/s Gas Shootout

When registration opens each class will have a predetermined number of slots available based on past race attendance. Unlike in years past, we are going to hold the predetermined number of slots open for 2 weeks before starting to shuffle things around and moving heats from one class to another. So, if any class you are trying to enter is SOLD OUT there will be a waiting list available on RCRacingEvents.com. Please add your name to the waiting list because in all likelihood we will be able to offer up additional heats of the more popular classes if the less popular classes do not sell out. In the event any class is moved from one day to another (to balance out the number of heats each day) all impacted racers will be notified well in advance of the event.

General Race Info:
• IMPBA sanctioned
• Race Format: 3 predetermined rounds per class with only the top-6 point earners advancing to the 4th round Shootout (points from the first 3 rounds do carry forward and count toward your overall score)
• Each day is a self-contained event. All 3 rounds plus the 4th shootout round for classes on any given day will be completed that day and the trophies for those classes will be handed out
• 2-minute start clock / full-course mill - No launch after 30 seconds, no exceptions
• Classes without 5 entries are subject to being canceled 2 weeks after entries open (refunds will be given if your class does not make the cut). Additional classes or additional heats of other classes may be offered in place of those that are canceled
• Trophies awarded 1st, 2nd, 3rd
• Open Water Thursday the 20th, ONLY
• Any gasoline engine (Zen, QD, J&G, M&D Cast, etc) allowed in the LSG 23-30 classes. (max displacement 30.5cc)
• Motors for the P Limited classes shall be of an inrunner design and shall not exceed the following dimensions:
(a) Length: 60mm (2.362 in.), this includes any bearing protrusion
(b) Diameter: 37 mm (1.457 in.)
• IMPBA and/or NAMBA cards will be checked (including pitmen) prior to ANYONE putting a boat in the water. All IMPBA memberships must be current and paid through the IMPBA website prior to the event. All NAMBA members must have a current NAMBA membership and pay the $15.00 single event fee through the IMPBA website prior to the event
• Entries being taken via www.rcRacingEvents.com only and must be pre-paid
• We expect the event to be bigger than ever this year so parking will be at a premium. We will have AMB members on site to help with parking. You will be expected to set up your tent and trailer and then remove your tow vehicle from the pit area and park along the driveway. This will make more room in the pits for additional racers.

Thanks, and we hope to see you there!

Entries open this Sunday 01/15/2023 at 10am EST on rcracingevents.com. The race will be listed BY DAY. ¡NOTE:YOU WILL NEED TO ENTER THE CLASSES YOU WANT TO RUN ON EACH DAY!
Class breakdown by day is listed in Lamar’s post above.
As an example, if RacerXYZ wants to enter into Sport-40, B-Hydro & 1/8th Scale then he/she/it would enter in “all three race” on rcracingevents. Below is a snapshot of what it will look like on rcracingevents. ¡You WILL NOT see it listed UNTIL 01/15/2023 10:00am EST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
See y’all in ATL!
Hey Gang,

We are up to 321 boats for the 2023 IMPBA Atlanta Spring Nationals, but the following classes have not yet made the 5-boat minimum:

- LSG 23-30 Tunnel - needs 3 more entries
- Open Tunnel - needs 1 more entry

At the request of the racers, we have added P Tunnel as an entry option on the WAITING LIST. If we get 5 P Tunnels or more on the waiting list and either of the classes above does not make the cut, then we will move P Tunnel into the open spot. So, if anyone you know coming has a P Tunnel please let them know to enter the class on the waiting list.

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