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Sep 15, 2023
Hey gang. As I've posted previously I'm new to the rc boat game. Have been building / flying rc planes for a decade or so. I'm starting to put the pieces together for the 1/8 MLB 172 kit I have on the bench now. I've decided to go FE with a SSS 4092 850KV motor on 8S. Starting to look at the business end of the power and want to know of any good resources you can point me to on prop selection, balancing and modification. Will probably start with finished props from a supplier to avoid any issues in testing that modification mistakes on my end could muddle results. Appreciate an information you can give or resources you can point me to. Thanks. -Bill
Mark Sholand.
Mark cleans up the hub as well. More than most other prop people do. While that may or may not have any noticeable effect on performance. It LOOKS like something you wouldn't mind being seen with! NOT already starting to tarnish. He supplies a card with the prop that will give you more info. on that prop, than you probably will ever need. WELL worth the time to get to know the guy!!!!! He's not super fast. He works two jobs. And, he does over a couple hundred props a year. So you got to figure... All in all... He does pretty darn good job in my book!!! Some of the fastest guys in the states run his props. He's been doing them like 20-30 years. Enough said??

Thanks K F W! But I'm one step ahead of you. Cruised the site for old posts and found Mark's contact info. Contacted him with my info and he got back with me very quickly. Will probably being doing business with him when I get the boat closer to being done and other components have been purchased. Thanks again. -Bill
Great overview of Marks service KFW, just a little more to add. In many cases Mark will ask you your application for the prop which may determine how he finishes the prop or you can specify to Mark what you would like. Lastly don't be surprised if Mark tells you something like that won't work but this will. Overall Mark is the best prop service person in terms of feedback and giving you some custom numbers if that is what you want.