Cozy: my fast electrics


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Thanks Joern 👍. I ldo ove building boats and running them. I hardly sell my boats, that's why it might seem I build a lot 😅
For example, the Speedliner I built 10 years ago already.
Thanks Wasted Wages 👍It is fast for sure. I think with little more aggressive prop, it could reach 70mph with this setup. But finally, I like to set it up for heat racing / running laps.

Next up will be paint and finish. I will update in a few weeks!
Why would that be? Because it is in a residential area? This boat is kind of quiet still, but my Wild Thing mono is on the edge, noise wise 😬
Last weekend we had the Dutch RC Powerboat event. Gas, nitro, electric are all welcome.
Gas and electric have their own ponds next to eachother. It was a great day, just a bit too windy / choppy water.

Here's a compilation video of the event:
Here's a compilation video, where I cover almost all setups that I tried on the Wildthing. From speed running to oval setups.
It might be a good reference if you're running a 32" mono 😎