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2019 5th Annual Winter Nitro Championship

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I would like to announce the dates for the 2019 5th Annual Winter Nitro Championship!



January is fast approaching so get your repairs or your new rides done and ready for another great race!


The dates are as followed.


January 16th 12:00 gate's open for pit setup.


January 17th open water.


January 18th-19th-20th RACING!!!


We are working on a date of when registration will open.


All updates will be posted here.


Any questions please ask. I will do my best to answer them in a timely manner.




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Will open water start in the morning, 8 or 9 AM, on Jan 17?

Typically its 8:30 or 9 because of the homes across the

road. Im sure someone will jump in to confirm, Im back north and wasnt at the meeting


Thanks John

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Just out of curiosity, where is this race being held? You gave dates and some of the times but not where. I'm assuming it's down south someplace but I could be wrong

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I am going to activate the entry for the 2019 Winter Nitro Championships tomorrow. We have a club meeting tonight to finalize a few things and then we are ready to take entries.


You will find on the entry for classes that at the bottom of the classes are several sizes of T Shirts that you can choose when you enter. If you want more than 1 T Shirt, please contact me directly

at marty at 1nitrorc.com and I will let you buy extras directly. My phone number and email are on the entry form.


We look forward to all of you this year. I think that you will find that we have many more new things making the race even better than it has been. Can't wait for January :)



Marty Davis

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