2024 Nitro Winter Championships


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Ready ....I'm lying !! Thrashing to patch things up from the last race !! 🤣


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BIG CLASSES with top notch notable competition are:
23 - D Hydros, 16 - E Hydros, 16- Sgl F Hydro, 15 - Twins (with more to come I here), 13 - B Hydros,
11 - D Monos, 9 - F Monos. There is still plenty of time to enter @ rcRacingEvents.com

We need one more boat for B Tunnel. Maybe a B Sport entrant wants to get a shot at the mod guys? Also, D Tunnel needs one more to meet the 4 boat minimum. A Hydro might be tough to meet the minimum, but there is still time to get entered. All other classes have met the 4 boat Minimum. Grab a fellow boater and come experience the best in RC Nitro Boat Racing.

Brandon Model Boaters will not be selling raffle tickets for the 2024 Nitro Winter Championships. All racers are entered into the drawing for the prizes donated by our hobby's manufacturers and vendors. We appreciate all those who support this race.

There will again be a class specific drawing to give away at no additional cost to the race participants in B Mono, B Hydro & Sport 21 classes for qty 2 - K21's! As well we have qty 2 - K45's for the entrants in D Mono, D Hydro & Sport 40. One entry per these classes entered. Big thanks to Al Hobbs!

There are still some classes available for sponsorship. Remember all those who donate or sponsor a class will become eligible to be listed on the Nitro Winter Championships "Vendor / Suppliers List" for gift certificate participation. Check the sponsorship thread on this IW site for classes still available.

Please contact me if you have any inquiries regarding this terrific event.
Still time to enter the 2024 Nitro Winter Championships. We will be racing two weeks from today!!! The registration fee covers the coveted Nitro Winter Championship racin' towel & Saturday's lunch. If you need an additional lunch for nonracing people drop me a note, so we can attempt to accommodate you. We will be offering steak & cheese and chicken & cheese sandwiches with peppers & onions on grilled butter buns with choice of chips (no drinks).

FYI, participants in B Mono, B Hydro & Sport 20 classes will have a drawing for qty 2 - K21's. D Mono, D Hydro & Sport 40 participants will have a drawing for qty 2 - K45's. F Mono & Single F Hydro participants will each have a drawing for an Al Hobbs F class pipe. All entrants in Twin class will be included in the drawing for a pair of Al Hobbs twin pipes. There are many more door prizes including an E Mono offered by Jerry @ Seaducer Boats.

Ok, time to get back in the garage getting the fleet ready.
Running Order by Class:
B Sport Tunnel, B Hydro, B Mono, 1/8 Scale, F Hydro, E Hydro, D Tunnel, E Mono, Sport 40, D Mono, B Tunnel, F Mono, D Hydro, Sport 21, F Sgl Engine, Twin

32 Heats for round #1. We will be combining heats for rounds 2 & 3. Championship Sunday will be 2 rounds with a total of 32 heats, and racing should be complete around 1:00pm.