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Sold Seaducer SD4 FE 34, TP4060, ZTA 200 - RTR


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Tim Logan

Active Member
Jul 12, 2022
[See 2/6/23 post below about lowering price, parting out or trade. Thank you.] Last summer I got the bug to explore FE racing in addition to my primary interest of scale ships. I built a Seaducer SD4 FE 34 exactly per designer Jerry Crother's specs and with unbelievable support from him. I took a peek at a District 11 NAMBA race. Brian and Zach, from District 11, were amazingly patient and helpful with my questions.
BUT, after deliberating back and forth again and again (and again!), I have decided to not explore FE further. I can't manage working on my numerous scale projects (3 in the works; 3 lined up) and put in the needed time to learn FE boats.
So I'm hoping to sell my Seaducer. The boat was in the water just once. It ran beautifully! Add a receiver and your ready to race. I redid my setup using West systems - the JB Weld I first used did not adhere well enough. I also noticed two small surface cracks in the gel coat on the bottom. I put some very light weight fiberglass on them and lightly sanded the back third of the bottom to improve running. The boat has about $1000 in it and I would like to sell for $750. It would best if I could meet someone halfway in the New England area to deliver. But if I need to ship, please add $125.
Finally, if you are nearby and I can avoid shipping, I have 4 CNHL Black series 4S 5000mAh 65C 14.8v lipos with OSE 8mm anti-spark connectors used once for $110. They are just not a size I need for scale boats.
Please ask questions if you are interested. I want a potential buyer to be fully informed and happy with his/her purchase! Thank you for reading. (Note: on Nov 10, I posted this add on the OSE forum).

Here's what's in it for your reference:
Seaducer SD4 FE 34 $230
Metal flake paint 110
Seaducer hardware kit 185
Extra stinger drive 42
Extra flex shaft 19
TP 4060 motor / jacket 140
ZTW 200 amp esc 190
ZTW program card 20
Hitec 645 MG servo 35
ABC 1914 17/45 prop (2) ~60
(1 for sure, pretty sure a
2nd prop is the same - I know
one was more than $60)
TOTAL $1,032

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Hi all -
I'm dropping the price to $700 - and if you are local, the batteries would be $50. If you have any interest, let's talk - this boat is not going to be used and I hate to see it sit. If you're interested in parting it out, we could also talk. And finally if you have a scale rc ship or tug kit you want to trade, let's talk. I prefer a local New England area sale if possible - so the buyer can be 100% sure of his/her purchase, Thank you for reading.
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Yes I would be willing, if you covered any additional shipping. The main concern I would have is whether or not there would be an issue going through customs. Do you have any experience with having a model boat go through customs? And since shipping could be high (I don't really know) do you feel confident enough to buy it sight unseen? Sorry to throw questions back at you - I've just never shipped an item out of the country. Thanks for your inquiry.
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[ edit 2/13 - I'm guessing Rockieboater changed his mind (?) so the boat is still for sale :)]

Rockieboater -
Thank you for your offer. I would be willing to sell and ship for $800 if you agree to no returns.. I say that because I would prefer a local sale where somebody can look at the boat to make their final decision. From your profile, it looks like you've been on this forum for many years and thus I'm guessing you are quite knowledgeable about FE boats and what you are buying. I am not that knowledgeable - so I have tried to describe everything that I think a buyer must be aware of. Please ask any questions about any concerns that you have to make absolutely sure you are comfortable with your purchase. If that is comfortable for you, there's a reasonable chance I could get it shipped by UPS tomorrow if you wanted to send payment by PayPal. My understanding of the forum rules rules is that it is appropriate to send my email address to you through a PM once a sale is agreed-upon. My first priority is that you as a buyer have asked all the questions you can and will be happy with your purchase. Again, thank you for your interest.
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(See personal message set yesterday with contact info.) If you get back to me today by email, you can give me time to pick up some packing materials when I'm in town. Thanks again.
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Rokieboater -
Did you disappear again? I can ship the package this weekend if you get back to me. I sent my email in a PM so you can proceed with PayPal payment. Thank you.
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