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Boats For Sale Seaducer 33 rtr


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Andy Nightingale

Well-Known Member
May 18, 2018
Selling my SD3 33, complete with a tuned Mito 35WC, Nova quiet pipe and a couple props. Motor has had some significant work done to it, has a different crank from standard (Keep one if I remember rightly, the extra slugs in the Mito crank were found to remove themselves in other engines at 40k), other work includes but not limited to porting and timing. Engine itself has had 20-30 minutes run time total, shall add photos later.

Hardware is Speedmaster, to include mounts, carb, collet, rudder and strut. Nova needle, MCopRacing shaft. Will come with a new ali flywheel, the brass one had too wide a pulley opening.

Radio install is over the top, it has a Futaba CB700 on rudder, S3260SV on throttle and a Hitec 5070MH on mix. Won’t be able to include the lipo due to shipping regs. Can include GYC441 if wished, but I didn’t think it did much.

Boat was only built January this year, though hull is an earlier one. Has only left my house to go to the lake twice, motor is not run in yet

$700 plus shipping from UK, should be around $100


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