Prather Spitfire II Instruction Manual


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Dec 4, 2006
I've had the boat in my possion since August 2009, I made a post on R/C Universe hoping to find an Instruction manual for the boat, I had a guy reply to my post saying I'd have more luck making a post on here. I think that tagging it on others post aint making me any progress, so I decides to sart my own thread to see if I might have any better luck. I know that somebody out there has built the Prather Spitfire and might have the manual stuck in a dusty corner of there hobby room or somebody might know someone who has a manual lying around and would like to see it go to a good home.

I have already tried this place all I get is an answering machine: with a promise they might get back to you in a couple of days but its been a week so far!!

So if there is anybody out there that can help it would be highly appreciated.
This is not a spitfire but is a Sun Downer 7.5cc O/B hydro. The Spitfire was just a fiberglass version based off of these original wooden boats from what I remember. The C/G is shown is 14 inches measured from the rear of the center ski forward. I have attached a shot of the original print of the 7.5cc Sun Downer that I have that shows the engine heights used on these original boats.

Notice that the centerline of the prop shaft is shown slightly above the tip of the center ski.

I hope this helps you.


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It will help with the engine placement and setup, Thank you. Now just to figure out how to mount those sponson spoilers or wings they use on the front sponsons or if they are actually needed?? Never got to involved on the outboard part of outriggers but I have had my hands in the inboard outriggers.

You say they had a 7.5cc version of the Sundowner outboard rigger, I didn't know it existed but I do have the blueprints and plans for the 3.5cc outboard rigger it's fun to run this is my 3.5cc outrigger and how it turned out.


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Looks like you did a good job on it. Have you run it yet?
I'd have to say the last time it got ran was probably back in 2012, cost of glow plugs and the cost of fuel having to have it shipped is a serious pain in the back side. thats why I am going with electric on the Spitfire II hopefully I'll get more enjoyment outof it.