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Parts For Sale OPS 45


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Jun 14, 2005
This is a used OPS 45 engine. The engine Is like new. Very little run time with less than a half-gallon of fuel ran in the engine.
$250 shipped USA.


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Apparently the engine was sold out from under me...

1 hr and 38 minutes after Roger posted the ad, I answered I'll take it,
and no mention of cross posting or offer for sale elsewhere...
Stand up right there!
Frank, Roger Hooks Sr.
Was this another behind the scenes PM???
Who knows, but dang it! It's getting bad again.
PEOPLE read & follow the dang rules!!!!
Ain't that hard.

I PM'd Roger for his PayPal info and asked for a picture of the piston/ sleeve, period.
That was AFTER stating " I'll take it " in the thread.

Roger responded to the PM with
" motor is sold " ......