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Parts For Sale OS MAX 46VX-M


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Jun 14, 2005
This is a used OS MAX 46VX-M engine. The engine [s like new. very little run time with less than a half-gallon of fuel ran in the engine.
I'm lowering the price to $200 shipped USA


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I am selling a new O.S. Max 46VX-M Inboard RC Nitro Marine Engine Made in Japan come with Tuned pipe and water cool
Exhaust Header 180 degree and It comes complete with flywheel, collet ,This motor was install new i a 48" PT boat
that never has fluid run through it or started or water in it at The motor then taken out to install electric set up .
The motor have no box as it was install 15 year ago but like new never run
The pipe i put two dent on it to fit into the boat
Also there a starter belt and motor rail bay mount that wil need two block mount made to fix motor on to the mount
and drive shaft holder

Asking $320.00 shipped in the usa only
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