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Parts Wanted ISO: Engines, receivers, JVS hulls


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Jan 9, 2004
I'm looking for the following items:
- Nova Rossi TO-BE Direct Drive, Rear Exhaust engines of the .46 / .67 / .91 sizes
- Futaba FASST 603FF, 603FS or 604FS receivers
- Any of the old JVS boats (fiberglass metal-flake typically) of the 70's / 80's

Best way to reach me is via email: [email protected]
thanks! Tom
Have a NIB 46DD that I am never going to use. Have 5 of them and use them in only one boat. 400.00
Added pictures of the engine as mentioned in PM and agree to your offer.


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Right Guy. Did you want the boat shipped or can that wait until I get down to See Al Hobbs in May?
No hurry on shipping Kevin, make it work for you, I'm easy, just don't forget about me :) I'm really excited about the JVS hulls anytime I can find one of those its cool and this little Mono is literally identical to the first boat I ever had back in the late 70's
I will get the boat boxed up and make plans to see Al in early May. Shipping always costs less this way. Will have the engine quote tomorrow when I hit the post.