IMPBA District 4 annual meeting

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Dec 27, 2001
I am going to give the guy the benefit of doubt that his PC is broken, he has lost his password on here or he is just SO SUPER BUSY that he has NO time to jump on here and give us a 10 cent message.

After one week or so my view on this will change.

Dave, if you are reading in please provide an update for us.. we DO accept "give me a day" I dont know" my dog ate my paperwork" I gorilla glued my laptop to my head!... and much much more.. but silence is NOT going to get it done!

Come on buddy.. post what you know!



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Dec 28, 2001
I wouldn’t put Mendota on your list yet. I seem to remember talking to Cathy last summer and she said she was going to run it in 2022 but they were going to skip 2021. I may be wrong, maybe she can shed some light on this if she sees it. I doubt we will hear from Dave but it would be nice if we would.


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Mar 9, 2015
Ok all, I have tried to get what I have together but between work and trying to stay ahead of life... There is no time in my day right now to get on this forum to check what being written here. And before all my haters get a notion to get on me for what I have said, the extra work I am tied up with will be over soon and I can breathe again.

What I know of district schedules is on the IMPBA calendar. Those might change too. I think you all have the D4 dates now from several others in this forum. I have emailed and tried to call 2 clubs in my district to get their dates for this season but all I get is crickets. Until I get the sanctions, all is not set in stone. I just got sanctions from both the Badgers and Riptide a couple weeks ago. I understand you all would like to get your year planned but this year has been difficult to get permissions and permits for races. I am sure several clubs are still trying to work out details for their season. Please check back often as things will possibly change and I will post the changes here...

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