Krylon color maxx spray paints !


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Man Le

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Jul 28, 2022
33 a Krylon guy...and as of late been using the colormaxx line..the only issues I'm having with any spray paint these days is spray your color as many coats as needed in one session if not it will wrinkle.....give it several days to cure...then mask for any other colors...i sand with 600-800 between colors...dont spray your next color just because it feels will wrinkle.... after your color is done I spray over with Spraymax 2k gloss clear..seals everything up nice...
Robert, I'm finishing up my SLR Thunderboat build, epoxy and prep for paiting, my 1st build so I've been reading about painting, found different threads, comments about the type of paint.........I'm glad I found your comment about the Krylon Colormax, planning to do the same, using Krylon Colormax for primer and color then Sprymax 2K clear, the questions how was your experience with Krylon Colormax ? they are not acrylic paint, any issues with the gas boat ? as far as the cowl, do I need to use primer or only sand and apply color on it ?


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