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  • Al,
    Bob Horowitz from down in Missoula here. How are you? I've been trying to get in touch with Andy Brown. Someone on one of the forums said you might have a current number for him. If that's the case, could you ask him to call or e-mail me. I picked up an Eagle SGX and have some questions.
    Bob Horowitz
    406 626 5556
    Hi Al,
    I forgot to ask you at the Nitro Nats how much you were selling the header springs for and what sizes you have.

    Hi Chuck,

    Yes I have a parabolic 45 pipe. It is very similar to the one Andy designed. It does have a 45 degree pressure fitting installed. The price is $75.00 delivered in the USA.


    Hi Al, I hear you have a parabolic 45 pipe that is a copy of Andy's if so I need one. dose it still have a built in 45 degree pressure fitting? Hope you are feeling better Chuck
    Hey Al I need a connecting rod for my Mac 45. not the new AA just the old blue head. can you help? need it by next weekend.

    Thanks in advance, Chuck

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