ROCKET CITY 51st NAMBA Nationals 2023


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The Real Grim

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Jan 24, 2005
51st Rocket City NAMBA Nationals
Brahan Spring Park, Huntsville, AL
October 7th – 14th
Sign -Up Opens April 1st
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Hello everyone, District 5 has some exciting news to tell you!

NAMBA District 5 is happy to announce that the City of Huntsville in conjunction with NAMBA District 5 will be hosting the 2023 Nationals at Brahan Spring Park October 7th- 14th. Set-up starts on the 4th with open water on the 5th-6th. Time permitting at the end of each days racing we will have open water for the boats racing the next day.

We are pulling All the stops and hope you will like all the events that we are planning. So make your plans and get your entries in as soon as possible. The Entry date will be April 1st (No Fooling!).

We are using a whole new Race Event Entry System called (Event Connect.) Chris Wittrig has been working with the Event Connect company to make your entry experience an easy one. You will be able to enter the race and book hotels and Air B&B all at one time.

We have some fun things planned to do for the week and some great event venues for you to enjoy! Your 2023 Nationals committee is putting some specialty classes in the schedule this year that have not been run in any other Nationals along with all your normal favorite Electric, Nitro and Gas classes. (Specialty Classes are: Open Mono, Single Super Boat and Twin Super Boat) Please make sure to read the Class specifications on the entry form for those classes.

We are planning for Food Trucks Daily and there are plenty of restaurants within a mile from the lake. Stay tuned for an update on the (Super Powered Paddelboat Class) with More info to come.

You will be able to go to the NAMBA District 5 website and click on the link to enter through Event Connect Register - 2023 NAMBA Rocket City Nationals - Race Day Online" ( and also the NAMBA District 5 Nationals Facebook page. You will find links to the RV parks on the NAMBA District 5 website and directions to the lake and other pertinent information. We apologize but we will not be able to have RV’s stay at the lake site. The RV campsite is approximately 10 minutes from the Lake site.

We are looking forward to seeing many old friends and many new faces at the 2023 NAMBA Nationals this year!

From: Mark Grim
NAMBA District 5 Director
For a different look at the event schedule, Click Here then click on Full Schedule

If you want to see what hotels are currently available Click Here. There are four more hotels in the RFP or Contract phase right now.
Hi Everyone
We will have a Food Truck Sweet & Heat BBQ, set up the 7th thru 14th so no one should go hungry. The menu will vary every day and we will also have a shaved ice and lemonade stand. So bring your hungry!!!!

More info will be coming!!
Class Sponsorship: $250.00
Class Sponsorships: A Mono, P Ltd Hydro, G Ltd Mono, Multi Engine Nitro, GX-2 Crackerbox, Kids-R-Boaters-Too, Gas Tunnel, P Ltd Sport Hydro, G-1 Outrigger, Jersey Skiff, A Hydro, A Mod Tunnel, P Limited Tunnel, G-1 Mono, P Ltd Catamaran,, X Hydro, C Mono, B Mono, P Mono, C Hydro, GX-2 Catamaran, G-1 Sport Hydro, A OPC Tunnel, B Mod Tunnel, Superboat, Superboat Twin, GX-Twin Outrigger, GX-2 Mono, B Hydro, P Ltd Mono, G-1Catamaran, GX-2 Sport Hydro, Open Mono, P Sport Hydro, X Mono, GX-2 Outrigger, Gas Team Marathon, Gas Scale Unlimited, FE 1/8th Scale Unlimited, Classic Thunderboat,
Nitro Scale Unlimited, Sport 21, Sport 40-11.