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Chris Dixon

Total Boats epoxy kit review

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I used the total boats 5:1 epoxy kit today sealing 1 of 2 Jae hulls. So far it looks good. I applied a liberal amount with a hobby brush then massaged it in the wood with gloves on. After it sat bout 10 minutes I scrapped the excess epoxy off with an old credit card then wiped it down with a paper towel.  let it set about 15-20 minutes and then did the same process again. The only problem I had was the epoxy not being as thin as I wanted. This made it harder to spread but the next hull I will warm my shop and the epoxy first. It was about 60 degrees in my shop so I'm sure the cured time will be longer. Taking in consideration this is my first time sealing a hull I can't compare my experience with the total boats epoxy kit with the popular west system but Overall I'm happy with the total boats system. It's a lot cheaper than West systems and is very low to no odor.


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