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WTB Dumas SK Daddle 40


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I would think you should be able to bring a copy of that pic to an office supply place and have them print it the size you want. That’s what I was going to try and do.
I copied then printed the first pic off this thread, brought that to Office Depot and asked them to blow it up so that I end up with a 32” long hull.
This is by no means perfect but it’s definitely useable. I plan on building an elec boat starting off with this but may make some mods along the way.


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yes, if you go to a graphics type busIness, they should be able to print or plot those files to full size (or actual size). So when you place drawing on flat surface the hull length should measure approx 35”

Time permitting, I can/will eventually cutout and trim original wood parts (bulkheads, etc.,..), and trace each part onto a single drawing. Afterwards have drawing scanned
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