Transom Replacement - 350 hydro


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Mike Betke

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Aug 31, 2004
Well I'll never complain about replacing a transom on an RC boat again. Our E55 hydroplane needed some work after our accident last fall. Bert Dygert, Bob Sawle, Jerry Betke, Rob Betke and myself have been busy this week while Mark Weber is on vacation. Not bad for a bunch of model boaters. I'll keep posting some pictures as we go. Lots more to do, but this was a big move forward.

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Transom 2.jpegTransom 3.jpegTransom 1.jpeg
To all the people that have stepped up to support are E55 team this past year a big thank you and Happy New Year. Let us not forget the ladies (Monica Betke, Lori Weber, and Kari Sawle) who come to support the team at every race. And a big shout out to Ryan Sawle who wades into the water no matter the temperature to help launch the boat. Without your help we would have really struggled.
The unfortunate accident at the end of the season has increased the off season workload a great big bunch. Thanks to Bert Dygert the fiberglass work was done properly and probably made the hull better than new. Mike & Bob Sawle have become the salvage and sanding kings of the rework team. Mark Weber has been a big help leading us in the right directions when we needed "Big Boat Information" and assistance. Teddy Dudley has stepped up to support us in multiple ways. Rob (The Driver) is also put to work doing what ever needs done. And me , I sit around doing as little as possible and occasionally buying a pizza and beer for the team. Cannot wait for next season!!! The Old Man Jerry Betke
Update for those not following on Facebook.

It's red. Thanks to all our friends that help get it this far. If you would have asked me 4 months ago when I was staring at a wrecked race boat that we would be here now, I would not have believed it. We put a plan together and got it done though.

Now let's finish putting this thing together and go racing!

Paint booth.jpgRed on trailer.jpg
Hi guy's I would like to say for a bunch of modle boaters you guys have done a fantastic job repairing that wreck.from what I can see from the photos .all you guys are winners and I hope that translate into. the winners circle this coming season
Please keep us updated I am very curious to know how you do .
Fantastic job.
The E350 Hydroplane E55 Team is off to the first race of the season June 8 & 9 in Decatur, IL. Wishing my grandson Rob Betke all the best as he continues into his third season of Inboard Hydroplane racing. Thanks again to all the team and our supporters in getting the boat ready for the 2024 season. In between all this Mike, Rob, Mark Weber and Teddy are still actively racing their R/C boats this season. The Old Man, Jerry Betke
We will be there to support the Betke team. Raced wit Rob and Mike last weekend. Rob first in open hydro, gas twin
We appreciate your support. I am told that there will be a number of top 350 hydros at the Decatur race this coming week end. Enjoy all the racing and be sure to stop by and say high to the E55 Race Team. JB