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Trade RC helicopter for boat


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Scott Buck

Active Member
Mar 14, 2021
Hey guys Im wondering if there would be any interest in trading one of my helicopters for a nice hydroplane , outrigger or maybe a large cat. I have a Curtis Youngblood rave 700 nitro with a power house OS 91 HZ-R and a Curtis power pipe. All high voltage jr cyclic servos, high voltage Torq tail servo, it has ALL the bells and whistles including on board glow ignition,voltage regulator,quick release canopy latches, and microbeast flybarless unit. I also have two canopies out in my garage but they are pretty beat up from tumbling around during my house move, I never fly it with a canopy anyways but they could be fixed with some fiberglass. I can add more pics later. I also have a brand new Align Super Starter and 4s battery that cranks 90 size engines easily on 4s. I just bought the starter and bat in March of 2021! Also has the align starer case. I also have some extra CYB parts including an extra boom and various other parts.
next up is a Brand new never flown align trex 600 pro, I started the build in March of 2021 and about 3/4 the way through it, this was the ultimate super combo so came with everything but I bought an aftermarket purple Hacker motor for it and I have two different ESCs for it, someone can choose one. One is an align 100 amp and the other is a castle 80HV ice. You could choose and fly on 6s or 12s .
I also decided to use nice futaba servos instead of the crappy align ones that came with it. It has the stock tail and main blades as well as a still in the box canopy! Have all the original boxes as well.
the one last thing I want to install is a better flybarless unit, it currently has the align 3gx or whatever came with the super combo but I plan on buying a microbeast or microbeast plus. Which are pretty inexpensive on the heli forums. U can usually pick a used one up for 75-100 bucks.
if anyone is really interested then I can send more detailed pixs of everything. I just snapped acouple of the 700 when I brought it in from my garage last week and brought it inside my bathroom where theres a vent so I could fire it up and not have to do it out in a cold garage or in the rain outside.
I’dreally love to have a larger scale hydroplane either nitro or electric or a larger outrigger thats fast. Maybe a cat but it would have to be something nice like a TFL or animal cat twin or something atleast 6s to 12s. HMU if your into helis and would probably have to keep this in the states because shipping would be outrageous over seas! Unless you had a very nice boat and then I would consider it!
The last pix shows both canopies that are included, the orange one is on the CYB 700 and I just have the yellow one sitting on my old JR ergo parts machine.
More pixs available on request and I can do a video of the 91hz-r running and spooling up if someone wants it. As far as the align goes, the ESC and some electronics still need to be soldered cause there still brand new!
idk this is just an idea but we can see where it goes. I have perfect feedback on Helifreak, runryder,rc groups as well as eBay. And whoever I trade to needs to have perfect feedback as well!


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I have a scale boat that I my be up for a trade. I also have another scale still being build that needs to be completed and a Thunder boat carbon fiber hull that has not been touched.



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