StumpFAB, New Product. .21 OB Cooper Quiet Pipe Mount

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    The .21 Cooper Quiet pipe is one of the most sought after pipes when it comes to modified 3.5cc outboard tunnels. The pipes are no longer produced unfortunately, so its important to make sure they cant fall off the back of you boat if you wreck or blow over. Our pipe mounting systems for the carbon pipes have been very successful in keeping pipes where they belong and protecting your investment. We were asked to do a small run of these pipe mounts for the .21 cooper pipes, and now they are here.

    Get them while they last!

    Comes with the billet anodized clamp, stainless hardware, 4-40 threaded rod, 1/8" wheel collars, swivel ball connector, and stainless steel leader wire for an added measure of security.

    They can be ordered from our wesbite, located here. thanks!

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