Sport 20 MLBoatworks GSX338 nitro build


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Great build thread Brad! I can't wait to see how your unreleased "Maglinger Edition" GSX series hulls perform...knowing you, there will be more perfect scores in your future. Thanks again for all you do to support ML, its always appriciated.
Just ordered the GSX315 v2 FE and super excited to build. Where do you guys get those metal pieces to keep everything straight? Or what are they called so I can order online.
Awesome glad you got one ordered. You should be able to goto most hardware stores and get aluminum angle. I got mine at Menards, but I have seen them at Home Depot, Lowe’s, tractor supply, Rural King. Aluminum Angle<~~~click for link

We are waiting to see if the extra two inches is going
to be better handling or faster than the 31” boat.
I have a couple of new bullets to try on that one.


Bare hull with cowling, empty radiobox, Final weight in before she goes off to paint today, 3 pounds 11oz


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That should be competitive like your
current one. I will send you a few more
wheels this weekend.

Thanks For Sharing,


A couple more updated wheels from the
“Maglinger Sport 20 collection” are on the way.😀
Hopefully this will give you a good idea on the
New Boat set up.

Enjoy The Weekend,