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Sold Seaducer 42


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Andy Nightingale

Well-Known Member
May 18, 2018
Unsure of how to price this so opinions are welcome and I’ll update the listing to suit.

Is fitted with a CMB 80 green head in great shape, which hasn’t run since new bearings were fitted. Will come with a spare CMB 67 which runs fine but could do with a new P/L, also has new bearings. Has high end servos (Savox and Hitec), a custom made Prestwich muffled pipe, brand new fuel tanks and a 457/3. Would require rx and battery to run

More pics to follow

$500 shipped, really!!! That would be the low ball insult the man price. When you reduce the value of the boat, hardware, two used motors and servo's by 50% you could easily value the complete kit at $700 to $ 800 plus shipping which isn't cheap these days. Think about it for the price of 2 new 67 P/S you would have 2 great motors and a great running boat. Make the man a reasonable offer for a great package deal.
Few more pics of the boat. Rudder is a Savox 2271SG, throttle is Hitec D625MW and mix is a Hitec 5070MH. Engine has has new main and front bearigg no s and new genuine CMB rollers fitted and hasn’t been run since

Now asking $800 for this and the spare CMB 67, which is detailed in my other sales post. Will be plus post from the UK, but I’m prepared to absorb some of it if the asking price is metIMG_8112.jpegIMG_8113.jpegIMG_8117.jpegIMG_8118.jpegIMG_8119.jpeg


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