Really new here, looking to build my first boat, a 30 inch 3d printed monohull jet boat


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Edward Waylon

New Member
Jun 17, 2024
So I'm trying to build a 30 inch monohull jet boat, i found some good videos that explain the electronics and which ones I need to buy.

Although I have the formulas fo the power and stuff for the boat but they probably only apply to propeller driven ones.

I'll design my own jet drive but first, I need to know what diameter i should make it and how much power it needs.
I'll probably take inspiration from this guy:
And the video I'm learning from:

So is there any formula to know the power for a jet driven boat? Still gotta choose the electronics btw.
based off some jet drives sold online and what they say should be used for i'd go with pobably 1000W or less and 35-40mm diameter