Question regarding Dupli- Color clear


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Aug 3, 2007
Hi Y'all,
I'm in the midst of painting a new scale hull and was gifted a can of Dupli-Color gloss clear; however, I don't know if it'll hold up to nitro. Anyone have experience with their clear and whether it'll hold up to nitro?
on the old nitro Drag-N-Fly redo i went Spray Max 2 part spray can epoxy primer, has a release in the bottom of the can for Activator ?, then K@B two part Epoxy as base use a reg spray for two colors. and going with the
Spray-Max f which is a 2 part Clear coat can spray you can get from Walmart.

U. S. Chemical and Plastics 2K Glamour High Gloss Clear Coat, Aerosol, 11.8-oz 3680061​

I have never run nitro but heard needs a 2 part paint and clear coat, Some one correct me if i"m wrong. I painted a lot of custom aluminum work i built, aluminum boats hull, etc. There two boats paint has been more of a challenge , to get the look i wanted on them.