new gas boat for my grandson


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Mike Byer

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Feb 17, 2002
Wanted to upgrade his electric mono, but couldn't find the right one. So I looked around the shop and found this new 56 Apache and a QD 70, slipped it all together and we'll see how he does with it.


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70's eat 1/4 cables unless you just putting around. 5/16 inch is safer. Small boat with a lot torque means probably not going to be on hard or long. 85/13 was minimum prop for them. X482 would over rev it and brake stuff, but this all has to do with how it is driven and ran.
Todd, is it possible that I bought this engine from you over 30 years ago? I've had it in several hulls and ran it a bunch and learned about the shafts early on. This combo has been the most enjoyable toy boat over the years.
Possibly. We started building the 35cc and the twins on up around 91 or 92 i believe. Glad you know about the shafts and props than. Some people buy used stuff and think you just run the standard single configurations only to have issues. Glad you enjoy it.