CMB/Fall Nationals pond updates


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Randy Corbin01

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May 26, 2023
The 2023 Fall Nationals will be held for the FINAL time at our current home pond on October 5-8 on Johns Island. Our contract ends this year after this race because the property owners across the pond would like to sleep late on the weekends and there's something about highly tuned two stroke and nitro motors that make that impossible. The CMB has already secured a new spot for the 2024 Fall Nationals but right now our focus is on putting on the race of the year. The CMB will be posting the sign up release dates soon and we look forward to seeing and racing with everyone soon.
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I edited and renamed this thread so people don't think it's still regarding the 2023 Fall Nats event. Easier to just retitle than start new since new location was already being discussed on here. With that being said.......

It's game on folks! Ground has been broken at the new Charleston Model Boaters pond. More pics to come as site work progresses.


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Get the appropriate pond chemicals to deal with that green growth on the other side. It will get out of control if not.