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Jan 20, 2019
I posted this on a few FB sites but I’m posting it here if anyone is looking for ideas on this. This is what I did…

So for the last few years I have been seeing a lot more guys using beach and garden wagons to haul their boats back and forth from where they are parked and set up to the pit area. I personally would just make multiple trips carrying the boat and stand then going back to get my transmitter and what not.

That logic is starting to take a toll on me so for the last few weeks I have been trying to come up with something in my head that would work for me.

What I wanted to end up with…

It had to be light.
Able to carry all of my different boats
Strong enough to use as a starting table
And able to hold the boat, transmitter and everything else without me worrying that something could fall off and/or get lost/damaged.

This is what I came up with. I can put one Velcro strap around the boat while transporting boats to and from the pit area and nothing is falling off. I plan on making compartments in the bottom to hold my transmitter, tools, rags and such

I incorporated Scott Myers idea with notching out the bottom of all my boat stands so they lock down on a plastic table and won’t slide off. It works the same on this cart. The stand holds onto the cart and can’t slide off the front or back.

What ever you do, just have fun with it!


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really cool idea. can the boat slide off the stand though?
Yes because of the way my stands are built it’s possible for the stand to stay attached and the boat slide off. I plan on addressing that with either a bungee strap or Velcro strap around the hull just to prevent it. I don’t think it needs to really be tight it just needs to give a little support and I think it would be fine. We will have to see. Pulling it around my yard was no problem but hitting bumps and rocks at the pond could be.
Chris - A nice job.
If pulling it around the pond does become a problem perhaps you could put a frame and a jockey wheel at the front and arms and a handle at the back to push the cart like a shopping trolley. My diy trailer was designed to push which gives it the inbuilt advantage of being able to push down on the handle and lift the jockey wheel to steer, clear obstacles and ensure a smooth ride.


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