80s javelin hull


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Drew St. Amant

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Dec 24, 2020
I have a 80s javelin hull I've just been playing around with and I had a 23cc bh hanson hanson in it I tried several props with that engine found that a x470 2 blade seemed to work the best and any prop with lift the boat didn't like. So this weekend I put a 26cc m&d mod motor in it and with that same prop as soon as you go near the throttle it lifts the boat up some and does barrel rolls. I know it sounds crazy but it's spinning the boat instead of the prop. I didn't have much time today to test. anyone have any ideas? I know it's a super weird old setup and just a play boat but I was wondering where to start I was kinda guessing rase the strut but it's all the way up to go higher I'd have to dremel the strut.


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Wow I haven't seen one of those in a LONG time. If it was mine, I would change it to surface drive. It would be easy to do and give you more prop options to play with. Sounds like it's just torque rolling with that much prop in the water.
I have 2 actually the guy that used to build them if local to me and a friend of ours I'm honestly surprised anyone on here even knows what they are the other one we have is actually 20 size hull with 40 it's a rocket in the straight but can't turn to save its life🤣
From the pictures you posted it appears that the strut angle could be causing the issue of your lifting problem.
l would suggest that you adjust it to be parallel with the keel and see if that helps.
Ill probably try adjusting the strut and a few props this weekend if that doesn't do it surface drive it is thanks guys!