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1/4 scale Jersey skiff and Cracker box drivers


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Aug 22, 2005
I make these drivers with a urethane plastic material that will float. They are shipped unpainted. The cost is $25 each plus shipping. I will combine the shipping on multiple drivers to minimize costs. The pics below show the unpainted driver you would receive. I also have pics to show how they look painted to give an idea of the finished look.





Hello all members i am going to tell everyone i bought two of these from him and i can tell you they are GREAT very nice detail clean crisp lines no flashing of any kind you won't be dissatisfied
Thanks Jim for the kind words. Joe at this time this is all I have. I wanted some new drivers for my skiff so I made these. I thought others might be interested in having some. If I do make some 1/8 scale at some point I can let you know.

Thanks Jefd
I bought and restored the hull this past winter. It needed some attention. Right now all I have is this size of driver. Bradley let me know of the different sizes needed in St. Anne. I plan on making some soon. I will.post them when finished.
Since it is building season I wanted to re-post to see if anyone is needing some 1/4 scale drivers for their project.