When is it Time to let go?


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Oct 5, 2014
When is it time to let go of an old friend and move on to newer ones? After taking the Sport 40 motor out, noticed the engine bay wood was loose. Guess over the years the wood became fuel soaked. I was able to push the wood apart without any effort. :(

I would like to keep this boat (possible a Dave Frank early version) if possible. However, the problem for me is the soaked wood. Any way to help dry out fuel? Ok, stupid question but I had to ask :p Might need to take out more wood around the area to find clean wood...

Or is time to give up the ship and build a new one? If so, who has plans out there for a Sport 40?? Winter projects need to make my list...

What ya think?

Dry the boat out with kitty liter put some in and rub it into the soiled area with the end of a ball bat like a pestel used in a morter.
Hap, sounds like that'll do the trick.. ;) Guess I'll need to stop by a store tommorrow... Only cats around here don't bring their own litter box!! But they do take care of the mice!


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I'm not sure how the boat is but can the rails be cut out and reglassed in?? Or perhaps do....gulp.....bolt it in from the bottom deck?? Many 1/8 scale drivers do that and it works good.
Mark, The David Frank/Jerry Dunlap was the first sport40 I ever built. I sell plans for sport40. Very fast and very stable. Come on up to Cincy and check it out

DJT, Baking soda we have.. Might was well give that a shot first..

Rod, took off the rails (?) that create the engine cavity.. They were not as bad as first suspected, but there is still fuel in the area. Figured this alone would cause problems gluing up the new pieces to go back in. Bolt'n is a different idea that I had not thought of.. May just have to keep that in the back of thought process. :) As the boat is made of wood, thinking of keeping it all the same.. But then again, there's glass, CF and kevlar ready to be used as substitutes..

Brian, Seen pix of your designs.. NICE B) Do you guys have a pond yet???? It'll be worth a trip up to check out your boats if running is a possibility... :lol:

Thanks for the input all!!!!!

I would rebuild it, epoxy things up, replace new wood where needed.

its a good handling boat, good running boat. Just needs some TLC.

Mark, we are very close to getting a lake from Hamilton County. We are just waiting on IMPBA giving us the Insurance Forms. I will let you know when we actually are able to run.


There is some stuff called K2R spot remover which comes in a spray can and you can get it most anywhere. This stuff works great for pulling the oil out of wood. You just spray it on let it dry and then brush it off. It will probably take several treatments but it does an amazing job of getting the oil out.

Rick Kelley

Hang on to it for sure.. Nothing better then an old friend at the pond..

I would much rather rebuild an old boat then build a new. I mean i like to work with new wood also but there is just something about the old boats that get you all giddy.

Remember when you launched it for the first time.. or the time it crapped a coupler at the worst possible time...

Aha.. the memories..

Fix the old and build the new.. Lets face it without this type of thinking old cars, boats and houses would be long gone.


That was deep Grim..... :ph34r:

(check the forum tonight for team skull cowl pics..)

If the acetone gets on any joints glued with superglue it will loosen them.
DJT said:
If the acetone gets on any joints glued with superglue it will loosen them.
That brings up another unmentioned concern. Since I didn't build the boat, I have no idea what was used to put it together.

Thanks for the Heads up Derek.. I'll have to keep that in mind when I work is started on it..

Great ideas all.. I do agree with James, that was DEEP Grim

Sorry gang.. you have seen a new part of me that most never see..

Now when i get to drinking.. that is another story..

Sometimes i freek myself out... :D