Switch failures


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Hey Doc, text me your address and I'll send you a couple of these old Noble switches, best ever IMHO, you just havta wire them. They're like hen's teeth now but ask around, some old airplane guys might have some stashed away.

Again, those locking type SPST switches are garbage for our high vibration environment, and they are definitely NOT waterproof. Flame suit on. :rolleyes:

That’s makes sense I always remove my battery when charging so I wouldn’t use a switch to charge my battery
Regardless of what configuration of switch is used, if / when it fails you're out of juice. Eliminate a single point failure area, run 2 switches with 2 (smaller if space constricted) battery packs plugged into separate ports in the receiver. Depending on receiver used, if you don't have an unused servo port to plug the second switch into; run a y-harness with your rudder servo. This system MUST be plugged into 2 separate ports for total redundancy. Everything I have uses this setup, boats and F3A pattern airplanes.
THIS.. is the big one.. Zepsus
Stand-by Consumption
The switch has an ultra low stand-by consumption in off-state. The consumption is so low that the switch can be connected to a small battery for several years without discharging it.

Now it has my attention!


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