Speedmaster mono


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Drew not sure what your locstat is, but another consideration is try a .45 size Sidewinder from Ken in Australia it is a very good hull, it is as good as the Speedmaster,, and with the dollar exchange you could pay less for a Sidewinder hull shipped to your door ,just a idea..I can Pm some pics of the bare hull i have if you like.
So how many people are wanting the 20 and 45 Speedmaster mono's? Im thinking of buying the molds. I personally saw them 2 days ago. Mike, ML Boatworks.
Mike, You do such a nice job on your other boats I'm sure you would have no problem selling them.
I have tossed the idea around,,, but not really sure I want to build boats. But do feel they need to be made available again.
I think it would be a wise decision..
Make them available and they will come.

And I would be in for a 40 boat.
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I will definitely have a 45 boat if you buy the moulds.

I was about to buy one from Julian, then he threw his toys out the pram. Very disappointed…
I would probably get another 20 mono Mike, especially if it is the same generation (4 strakes) as the one I currently have.

I had bought Vision tunnels a few years back and offered to buy the Speedmaster molds as well as the STV molds. Still willing to do so if Julian wants to part with them. If I do buy them, I’ll be building them.
I called him not too long ago he said he would I'm just not a hull builder so it wasn't for me I think he wanted like 3500 for everything