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Aug 20, 2003
I like using the woods push rod seal kit but I need something shorter because linkage is super short.I use to have some that were cone shaped that used a flange the had screws to hold them down.Kinda like the bru line but the rubber was better quality more solid.Not sure what to use I only need it for one linkage the third channel is where I will be using it.The sport 20 I’m building doesn’t have much room in the front of radio box to have two linkages on it so I’m planing on coming out the side for third channel needle vavle.Maybe someone has a picture of the blazer sport 20 radio box setup with linkages setup just trying to get some ideas.
Can boot be turned around and installed inside the box. If servo output shaft is offset away from end of box your coming out of you should have enough room inside maybe.
There’s no room inside of radio box for it to be turned around I see zipkitts has some where you drill a 1/4 inch hole and pull it tru but made for 1/16 panel mine are 1/8 thick.I had to cut the hi speed needle off the carb it was interfering with the pipe so I have to run a remote needle so I’m going to use three servos.I may order some of zipkitts seals and test them on 1/8 inch piece of wood there’s not much room in the front of radio box for the woods style push rod seal.


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Probably I like straight linkages if possible that’s the reason for the bellcrank on the engine throttle
Thanks Tyler the last picture do you have a front shot of where the push rods come tru I have the same theory on my throttle nice to see how other people rig these boats I’m so use to gas boats all kinda room
With the zippkits small seal you can drill a hole then push grommet part through and use a small ring of brass tubing pushed inside the grommet to hold it in there tight. It works good.
Was looking at offshore electrics the push rod seals I was looking for are the Prather seals they have them on there site there purple in color
Bruce, just saw this, I really like the Prather type seals, been using them for years no failures, will be using on my Whiplash build. Hyperformance Products has them now, 2-56 and 4-40 size packs of three. I’ll send you a pic of one of my tunnel set ups.
Photo for reference........**** that boat is dusty.......somebody has been building wood boats in the garage.

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I also do this for throttle and switch pulls as well on some of my boats.you can use gold n rod or similar sheath and run small wire or cable with some grease on it to seal .This what you show would be best for how he has no room and needs to have a water tight seal .