Os xm 21 with abc Car sleeve and .458 socom shell casing oiler.


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Jul 7, 2018
I did this just for fun. I was able to find 2 new sleeves but I wanted to see if this could be done and wanted to try a turbo plug head. Someday I will put the right sleeves in.

I finished the car sleeve on my xm Its at 124 transfers and 181 ex I shimmed it with 19mm toyota oil drain washers then raised the ex with a carbide. it was actually at 124 160 stock. So the scanner rc 3 port 21 sleeves work with stock timing for the muffler and I can readily get them if anyone ever wants to do it ..Then I took down the new turbo plug head so I can go as close as 2 thou I have it at 7 to 8 right now for break in . I didn't do any crank timing yet. I want to see what it runs like first. I heated it up then started it and let it run some still really tight. I brazed a brass tube in the primer hole of a shell casing then pinched the end to get the flow I wanted. I need to find more rubber caps like this one I am unsure what its off of .. I melted a hole in the top with a rod to inject oil. The cap acts like a primer bulb when I was done I just pulled the hose and pushed out the unused oil. The blue head is 2 back to back water cooled tops put together.


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If you want to stroke it as well, you can swap the crankshaft with one from the CMB outboard engine. Will fit without any mods, and provide 0,6 mm additional stroke.
I really need to find one then . It would make it so I could run a stock uncut head button and get my squish right.also it would allow me to lower the floor on my transfers as well.
I found a crankshaft, it is not completely new but it has many gallons left in it.
Will need your address along with an e-mail and a phone number in order to make up the shipping docs.