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Mike Byer

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Feb 17, 2002
I have a friend with a decal cutter, I'll see if they can be copied.


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Feb 9, 2005
Thanks for the mentions of Lawless Drives on the lists. In case you didn't know, I've been making them since 1996. I got into the FE world a few years ago, starting with adapters to mount large brushless motors on Gas Outboards. I followed up with adapters for 3.5 and 7.5 Lawless lower units, and also offer a radical conversion for 3.5 legs that uses a much lower motor adapter and reduces the height of the converted drive/motor combo by about 1 inch. I also make an adapter to mount OS (and similar) motors on the 3.5 Lawless drive, and can make one for OS to K&B 3.5 as well. On request, I can also make custom fins and other hardware, but please don't ask me to make rudders. Find my website at


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May 16, 2003
***Guys, I have compiled all of this info into one big post. I will try to keep this one post updated, feel free to post more at the bottom, and I will ad it to the main post as time permits. *** Makers Of the HTB ;) General Outboard Gear lowers and Rossi Power Heads Ect. Australian Lynx Dealer and Generally the Best Prop Guy In The World Cant Forget NOVA ROSSI Distributor Australia CMB Dealer General Model Boats Illusion Gus Tunnel Makers of CF Outboard Pipes Leecraft XTR-21 and XT-460


Mounting Plate for mounting a K&B Powerhead onto an OS Max Lower Unit........

David Moyle



Kris Flynn, Flex Shafts!


I make 3.5 and 7.5 Cables, I have not got into the Gas ones, there should be a few people who can help you out, but I am not sure of their names.




Hyperformance Products

Outboard powerheads, lowers, and accessories for nitro and gas.


K&B Engines and parts: ---> Model Engine Company Of America


cobra tunnel boats

maker of 3.5 tunnels boats in fiberglass

probally the most affordable way to get into r/c boating. i have specials and deals all the time. i also make a FE version cobra that comes already cut and fitted for a larger radio box to accomodate all of the electrics required. i can be reached at or call me at (863)858-0536


Warhead, Shaman, Lynx Tunnel Boats

Contact: Ron Drake

Contact Info:Here is Ron's contact info for purchasing the Warhead, Shaman, Lynx Tunnel Boats? Info as follows:

E mail :

Phone : (813) 951-1445


ML Boatworks for laser cut wooden Tunnel Hulls, Scales, and Hydro's.

Contact Mike Luszcz



Website Coming soon!!! Watch the progress at 国民彩投网


Leyde Racing Products

I make OB crankshafts and conversion kits for 3.5 Novarossi and Go engines. The conversion kits will let you bolt up your engine to a OS lower. I also make an OS style of top mounting plate for the Lawless lower. So you can mount a OS style of PTO to your Lawless lower. These item will be on my website shortly.

Thank you,



Contact Joe Monahan at 707 Specialties. He carries just about ever accessory you could ever want for an outboard including adjustable motor mounts. His email is:
Joe Monohan is no longerwith us....he has passed

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