A new nitro engine coming soon (some say I am mad for doing this!)


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Steven Bryant

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Jun 22, 2012
Yeah, still slowly making progress. I haven't updated for a while for a few reasons (Mainly just too busy) but we had a real issue with the last lot of cases we had cast and we are getting another batch done now. I am sorry for the slow progress but I feel I definitely underestimated the technical challenges and I have had to do a lot of very expensive learning.

An update will be coming soon though
As soon as your ready I’ll grab a few engines from you Ricky..

Ricky Neal

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Dec 5, 2020
Hey all, I'm not dead and we are still making (SLOW) progress.

We have been tweaking the open venturi induction version to improve flow where possible, have a look at the pics.

We have developed the backplate cap to be able to use a venturi like this but to also be interchangeable for a carb so we can use as many parts as possible between the versions of the engines.

It's slow but we are making progress. have a great Easter all


Venturi, front and back - at the back you see how we have blended the shape to transition to the rest of the induction system for the best possible flow
IMG_9445.jpg IMG_9446.jpg



This illustrates the work we have done to smooth the flow through the entire path
IMG_9448.jpg IMG_9447.jpg