ML Boatworks and Theta Servos Memorial Weekend Sale Happening Now!!! No Coupons needed


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Mike Luszcz

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Jul 31, 2008
I would like to let everyone know that ML Boatworks is running a Memorial Day weekend Sale that ends Midnight Monday evening. All ML Boatworks rc boat kits, and hulls are on sale, as well as all Theta Servo Products. If you are unfamiliar with Theta as a brand, I would invite you to email me to discuss your project, and possible needs. They have been a leader in offering quality, high end servos for Helicopters, and are just now catching on in the Airplane market. At ML Boatworks, I see huge potential in the RC Boating community as well. The Torque numbers on products like the Brushless THL98 and Razor-X1 standard sizes, as well as the Brushless THM988 Mini servos fit a huge need in our market. The centering ability is superior as well. They are metal bodies and some have NFC features where you can tune them with your Android Phone, or our normal programming box. The budget friendly THL398 is a Brushless, plastic body standard size servo that still has torque numbers exceeding the competitions, at an excellent price point. I am also working with the Manufacturer on producing a WaterProof product in the torque range that the THL 798 offers, which is more than enough for most any application, inboard, or outboard steering setups. Please note, I offer free shipping in the continental USA on all Theta products. If you are outside these areas, I ask you contact me for a shipping quote. And finally, if you purchase even an out of stock item during our sales event, those prices will be honored. Since I am starting out, I have limited in stock items, but can get most all items as soon as a couple days if my distributor has stock, or around 2 weeks if it is coming from the Manufacturer direct. With that being said, I look forward to helping you with these new products. The Dinogy lipo order will arrive some time around mid to late June. I have a relatively large inventory being made of many sizes offered. I have spoke to many rc boating and flying customers, and listened to your feedback on sizes requested. Thanks so much, and I look forward to the rest of 2023! Mike Luszcz, ML Boatworks (252) 717-6282. As always, feel free to send a text with questions at any time. www,

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