Looking for a couple decent pictures.


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The on the water, head on shot could be Evansville. The rest are in Seattle. The shots with the Squire truck were taken on 4th Avenue, next to the Kingdome. The one showing the truck side, with the door open, shows two triangle topped towers. The one on the left is the "Smith Tower", at one time the tallest building in Seattle. The one on the right is the clock tower on the King Street train station that was adjacent to the north Kingdome parking lot. Of the three landmarks, the two towers are still there. The Kingdome was imploded years ago, its location now has Lumen Field, home of the Seahawks and Sounders FC soccer team.
The plan is to test the boat this coming season and if I get it we're I want it , strip it this winter and paint it as the Circus.
One of my favorite boats!View attachment 323808
I too will be doing the 79 Circus. I have the kit, the cowl, wings, etc… just haven’t got to building it. The Air Force paint job looks a lot easier for sure. I saw both the Circus and the Squire sister hulls run in Madison that year. I think Steve was a rookie and man was he charging hard in that Circus boat.