Lifepo transmitter batteries

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Gary Girvin

May 11, 2010
Hi John Beardsley, I am just letting you know that I get my lifepo transmitter batteries from AlleRc in Arizona. They are 9.9v 3s lifepo either 1600 or 2100 mah packs. They can tell which pack will fit your transmitter. Thank you, Gary

Daniel's Racing

Well-Known Member
Apr 14, 2008
You do not want the 9.9 LiFe for the 9.6(12) volt transmitters.

Been there done that. Much too close to the 8.5 volt cut off. They work but nothing like a LiPo. Most manufacturers of that size 3S LiFe for transmitter has discontinued it. LiFe Source used to manufacture the one used to sell. People are much happier with the LiPo for those radio's.

Get a 3S LiPo that is 11.1 volt or 12.6 fully charged and even depleted to unsafe levels it still isn't going to get close to turning the radio off. They last incredibly longer. You can get 2750 mah in and be lighter than the 2100 LiFe packs.

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