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Sold (New price) 1/8th Scale nitro boat for sale.


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Jan 20, 2019
Sold pending payment

I can’t believe this hasn’t sold yet.
I’ll do this just to move it but I’m not going any lower then this here.

650.00 shipped less RX, RX battery motor, pipe and prop in the continental US

700.00 shipped less RX, RX battery, motor and Prop in the continental US. CMB pipe goes with boat.

800.00 shipped less Rx and motor in the continental US. CMB pipe, prop and Rx battery goes with boat.

1000.00 shipped in the Continental US less Rx. Everything else goes with the boat.

I’m guessing the shipping is going to cost me at least 100.00 not including packing.

(The rest of this is the original post.)

Ok guys I have to much stuff and more stuff coming in. I need to make some room.

I really like this boat but can’t tell you much about it. It came out of MI I believe. The original owner passed I I bought this from his widow. I’ve owned it now for a couple years and the boat runs great.
I believe that it’s an RC boat comp hull but I’m not sure. It’s either epoxy or glass but I think it’s epoxy.the paint is maybe a high 7 or low 8 out of 10 but the top side looks really good for a race boat a few years old. I’m selling less motor, pipe, Rx, Rx battery and prop. I’m asking 600.00 plus the ride. I have a box but would really like to not ship it but I will. I will also be in Huntsville in a couple weeks for the Gas Nats if that helps.

It’s priced to sell and at a good price to move quickly. Not interested in offers I don’t have to sell it and I still like the boat. I last raced it at our November race and it’s right there with all the other boats I raced against… in other words it’s not junk.

Pics took this morning.

Let me know


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