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Parts Wanted LF - Vintage 20 size Crapshooter Cowl


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Chris Thomas

Well-Known Member
Nov 10, 2002
I'm wanting a smaller 20 size, early era, Crapshooter cowl. 20 size off of a beginning run boat. Not the "duck head" type.
Here is the quickest pic I could dig up on line. I'll take a pic of a 40 size I have at home.


  • Annotation 2021-06-29 103850.jpg
    Annotation 2021-06-29 103850.jpg
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Chris, I have these it looks like what is in the picture. One is 4" the other is 5" both 12" long. Think they match?
Thanks for the reply John - Not quite what I was aiming for. There are cowl molds for the older Tim Ries era crapshooter boats. I am looking for the 20 size version. Wanting something used or new or some good pics to dimension off of....

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