K 45


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Hi Al
Are still selling the K45 for $350.00 plus $15.00 for priority shipping in the USA?

The reason that I have some K45 engines with aluminum sleeves is that the manufacturer could not get any brass in Ukraine at that time. I have be told that it is easier to chrome brass than to chrome aluminum. That is why we normally have brass sleeves, ABC engines.

As for performance, the people using aluminum sleeved K45 engines have not sent me any complaints.

However, because most of us are used to brass sleeves, these engines have been more difficult to sell. So, I cut the price to ake them more desireable.

I do have an order in for brass sleeved K45 engines. They will wait until I get all the K21 engines on order.
Aluminium Chromed sleeves are becoming all the rage in the top end RC Car engine market (.21)...so there must be some benefits :)
I ment to say i am sure the heat affects the aluminum sleeve quite differently than the brass sleeve. Since aluminum dissipates heat much better than brass.
Sure, I knew you mistyped. Haha ..I tested aluminum versus brass years ago on CMB 100 engines. It’s not as drastic of a change as you would think and performance was close also.