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Boats For Sale "Ivan's" Gas Scale Boat - 1974 Olympia Beer


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Rod DeArmond

Jan 13, 2009
FOR SALE - $1400
I’ve decided to go a different direction, therefore, Mr. Ivan’s 1974 Olympia Beer, gas scale racing boat is up for sale.
· Pictured motor mount, radio box, pictured hardware, pictured Newton plan sheet, and the pictured McKnight decals are all included.
· This hull has the first couple coats of primer, sanded.
· Special Callout - Mr. Ivan did not build many gas scale boats, this package is a rare find.

Based on the size, I will assume shipping would be expensive, but is available for the buyer if interested in paying for it.
I am planning on being at the 2023 NAMBA Nationals in Huntsville in October and will be happy to deliver this.
This would be for delivery only. Boat will not be available for sale at the nationals and must be paid in before October 4th.


  • IVAN SCAL 2.jpg
    IVAN SCAL 2.jpg
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  • Ivan Scale 3.jpg
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  • Ivan Scale 8 - Plans.jpg
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  • Ivan Scale Accessories.jpg
    Ivan Scale Accessories.jpg
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  • Roger Newton Plans.jpg
    Roger Newton Plans.jpg
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According to my Bathroom scale the boat comes in at 8 lbs.


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