D-14 Madison Indiana Mini Regatta June 10-11, 2023


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Jun 15, 2015
Registration is now open for the 2023 Dennis Holt Memorial Mini Regatta sponsored by Craig Toyota of Madison. This two day race will be held in Madison, Indiana on June 10-11. Due to Tshirt and trophy order deadline we need registrations by May 25th. See the attached flyer for registration and more race information.


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Guys we need your entries to be able to host this race.

The vendor for shirts needs a count by May 26th.

At this rate this race is in jeopardy of happening.
I am signed up and ready to help support this race. Great people, always a great time so make sure you get signed up everyone :)
Group, this is now a ONE day race for Saturday June 10th. We had to make this change based upon the significant drop in entries that we typically see. If you want to gaurante yourself a shirt send your entires to myself by midnight May 25th. Also classes cannot be guaranteed a trophy if not filled by then. We will accept entries up through the day of to fill classes and we will have a limited number of shirts available first come first serve.