Chucky GT ONE


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I got it to run! it did 126 kph after crashing. broke the batterytray loose but its an easy fix so it will be out again soon!

Looks good Peter.
Glad you got it running correctly.

accurate GIF
Thank you Liberty!
I thought it was just the batterytray that broke, turns out it lifted the inlay(so i guess my prep was bad) so its a full rebuild now IMG20240429200953.jpg
I started pulling out the old mount and some of the carbon lifted so its all coming out 🥲🥲
It will be back stronger than before
I got the old inlay out, and everything sanded. I added a strip of 200g fiberglass in the keel and over the seams. I glassed the motormounts and added them after the inlay with 200g carbon IMG20240501095750.jpgIMG20240501095723.jpg
Im really pleased with the result so far, now to get the other hardpoints in
Nice job! It seems you used quite some epoxy this time. Please note that more epoxy doesn't necessarily make it stronger, but it does make your boat heavier. It's meant as a friendly advice :cool:. Oh, I even like your wall paper. We have exactly the same 😃
I was doing some filler work on the wavefigther and figured id give the GT one the same treatment. It sure looks like it was needed i added about 2mm of filler along rear edge. Now to get it sanded and the trailing edge sharp again